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Enermax LiqMax II 240S Liquid CPU Cooler- Great Starter Cooler

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Sep 21, 2016
I just upgraded my Rig and ditched my Noctua D15

I was looking for the best bang for the buck cooler and my local Frys had
the Enermax LiqMax II 240S Liquid CPU Cooler on Sale for $64.00
by the way Amazon is selling it for $64.00. A year or two ago it was a $200.00 cooler.

I researched it online and it looked pretty good with this review.

I'm running it on a
Corsair 540 Case
Intel 4790 CPU OC to 4.7 running at 1.4V
Gigabyte Game1 980 TI Video Card
32gb Corsair Vengeance Ram pc-2400 but I can only
get stable at 2200mhz
EVGA 1000 Watt Power Supply
3 AeroCool Dead Silent Fans

I nearly returned this cooler because it was too loud. Then I read the manual and found out that it has three manual settings. Since my Corsair 540 Air case has easy access
I just leave the front panel unscrewed and ready to open for now. Probably I'm going to just settle on the lowest setting which is whisper quiet.

One advantage of this cooler is that you can control the radiator fans manually. The lowest setting is pretty quiet, My PC is only 2 feet away from me and I'm fine with it.
not as quiet as the Noctua D-15 but pretty nice..
The difference between lowest and highest fan setting under load was approzimately 4' C this was enough to cause throttling in IntelBurn.

Anyway this fan handles the I7 4790 4.7 OC with 1.4v Fine only thing it can't handle is with Prime 8 Cores Small FFT it does go to 99' and get throttled.
But I've been reading up on this and there is some consensus that Prime doesn't play nice with Haswell processor and overvolts it.

intelburn went to the high 90's but with the Fan on max no throttling. With the Fan on low it throttled it back.
Occt Small went into the 80's

Finally I ran a 3d mark Fire Strike and it passed with flying colors.

The 1.4V is high voltage for a 4790 CPU but my system wouldn't run at 4.6mhz or above unless the Voltage was at 1.4v

All other tests were perfect.

Everything else was under 70

This cooler is a real value and great for mild overclock.
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:welcome: to OCFs and thanks for this review. I will add by saying that is one heck of a deal you got there for a 120.2 AIO cooler.

I agree that 1.4v is pretty high while I personally wouldn't go that high for a 24/7 rig, I think for benchmarking its fine for short periods of time. With that said, I would lower it and find a sweet spot as 4.4-4.5 Ghz is usually the sweet spot for most of the newer intel chips from the last couple of years. I'd rather have a comfortable chip that lasts than have it at a high voltage with high temps for the long run or shorter run for that matter.

I believe an older version of Prime is better off to benchmark with since the newer version is too brutal on CPUs and so you might want to take a look at that and see which version everyone talks about. Can't recall off my head.