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Enermax VS Antec

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Jul 28, 2002
Alberta, Canada
i just got the Enermax 431W power supply and have heard mixed things about it..

i have the chance on monday to take it back and pay the $10 difference to get the 431W Antec PS...

should i bother with the upgrade? tell me your personal experiences..i dont wanna hear just what you hear or that youve had bad experience 2 yrs ago with one so you wont touch one again type of thing eithor..thx:D


Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
I love my Enermax 431w :D

I had no trouble using it to do some pretty seroius overclocking and the 5v line- while it would drop- never went below 4.85v or so, until I went for 2Ghz with my XP1600.
It ran 1900 mhz pre-mod just fine.

The volt mod to get an adjustable 5v rail is extremely easy, although not without risk.

Antecs do seem to have fewer problems than Enermax, overall, but the Enermaxes are excellent units IF you get a good one....and it sounds like you may have a decent one- check the 5v line at a molex: if it is above 4.95v than you are in good shape with that unit and I would keep it.