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Enough Power

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New Member
Jun 22, 2001
Would like to know how does one determine if the power supply is large enough. I am running an Athlon 1.33 gig on a ABIT KT7A-RAID, 512 mb PC-133 ram, two 30 gig HD in RAID 0 and an additional 8 gig HD. I also have the usual array of a sound card, video card, an ethernet card, a USB hub, a CDRW and a floppy drive. I have one case fan and just ordered a SK-6 heat sink with a Delta fan. I am planning to add another case fan, a firewire card, and maybe a DVD drive. At this point I don't have a problem, but with all these additions, I am concerned that my current 300 W power supply will not be enough. Any insight from the experienced ones will be much appreciated.
If you're running that tbird at 1.33, using as low a core voltage as it will run stable at, a quality 300W PSU will work. If you want to OC that bird and in OC'ing it, you want to crank up the core voltage, then a quality 400W unit would be a better choice.