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EOC stats in review week ending 20 May 16.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
This week we are still chasing three teams, Overclock.net at 9.3 years, [H]ardOCP at 4.5 years and Hardware.no at 11.4 months. In looking at different threads in this section, we have a few folks about ready to “pour it on”. We are looking forward to this new push by several of our folders who will put us over the top of these three teams and then some.

Our top ppd earner this week is Macaholic with 9.5 million. In looking at ppd production, it appears that HayesK has run in to some trouble falling to 7.3 million which, let’s face it, is a huge number. RoXQi3x is still holding firm in the #3 spot earning 4.6 million ppd.

The top ten rounds out with
Torin3: 1.9 million
P4EE: 1.8 million
hardass: 1.6 million
RamonetB: 1.3 million
orion456: 1.2 million
JrClocker: 1.2 million
ConundrumLR: 984k

The top 20 rounds out with chuckerants, prime81,Jaymz9350, Andy R, don256us, KingScrud, Pantyshot, unsafesteagle, gabi golan and SubPar1 all earning 305k or better. Thank you for putting yourselves up there.

RoXQi3x will earn 2 billion in 1.7 weeks.
audioaficionado just earned 90 million.
Andy R will earn 80 million in 2.4 hours.
prime81 just earned 70 million.
ChrisF 32 will earn 40 million in 3.8 days.
Nihilus will earn 40 million in 5.7 days.
JTCOOL just earned 20 million.
N3UMW will earn 20 million in 2.7 days.
ZL1 will earn 20 million in 5.1 days.
Gary Swindle just earned 10 million.
JLK03F150 will join the 7 digit club with 10 million in 1.2 days.
__Console__ just earned 8 million.
Roger G just earned 5 million.
HankB just earned 5 million.
Roisen just earned 4 million.
belorsch will earn 4 million in 2.4 days.

There are a lot of long term folders in this list that are moving up slowly but surely. That is a dedication that creates the core of our team. There are some who produce and lot of points fast then burn out and go away. There are those that earn a low number of points but stay at it year after year. Finally, there are a select few who earn a lot of points year after year. All have value on this team. Thank you.

There are no new members on the top 100 list for the team but there is movement within the top 100. The biggest movement is KhronosTheTitan who has moved up 5 spots. gulp35 has moved 3 spots. Nihilus, Janus67, Jaymz9350 and JrClocker have moved up 2 spots.

In looking at out top 100 versus other teams, we have fewer inactive members. For example, the top 8 are all actively folding. As our active members keep increasing their production, more and more of our top slots are occupied by active folders. We have encountered an increase in interest within our team and it shows here as well as our conquest list and so on.

Until next week.

Build, Borg and Recruit. :comp:
Glad to see my name pop up in here again, I've had a lot of downtime over the last few weeks. I also really enjoy seeing how active our team is becoming again. The subforum is pretty active, and we are starting to creep back up on the top 5.