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EOC Stats in Review Week Ending 22 Apr 16

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Welcome to this week’s EOC stats in review. Last weekend’s server outage really played fun with the stats this week. With that said, the stats have settled down and should reflect reality once again.

The race for the top spot of ppd earner is still going strong. Mac has once again taken the lead. It appears that Hayes has temporarily lost a rig and is working on getting it going again. While the difference between them right now is about 700k, that isn’t much for these folders.

RoXQi3x has boosted production something fierce. He is presently earning 4.7 million ppd. Torin3 is earning 2.0 million, P4EE is earning 1.5, hardass is earning 1.3, ConundrumLR is earning 1.2, RamonetB is earning 1.2, don256us is down to 1.2 and falling and JrClocker is earning 1.1 and rounds out the top ten. Great job guys. Everyone in the top ten is earning 1 million ppd or more.

The top twenty rounds out with orion456, chuckerants, Andy R, Jaymz9350, prime81, zspaldin, pantyshot, folding monkeys, unsafesteagle and KhronosTheTitan earning 385k ppd or more. These are all good numbers. Thank you guys.

On the team front, we are still chasing down the [H]ord of [H]ardOCP. We will take them in six years. This is a strong performance from us.

HayseK is down to 2.6 weeks to earning 3 billion points. This will be an epic milestone.
Macaholic just joined the 10 digit club by earning 1 billion points.
don256us just earned 500 million or half a billion if you will.
chuckerants just earned 200 million.
Pantyshot just earned 200 million.
stevem just earned a spot in the 9 digit club with 100 million.
Jaymz9350 just earned 90 million.
ConundrumLR just earned 80 million and will earn 90 million in 5.2 days.
JrClocker just earned 80 million and will earn 90 million in 6.7 days.
eddyg519 just earned 80 million.
folding monkeys will earn 80 million by this time tomorrow.
Andy R just earned 60 million.
prime81 just earned 50 million.
CADDI DADDI just earned 40 million.
deeppow will earn 40 million in 7.2 hours.
unsafesteagle just joined the 8 digit club with 10 million.
Zuzzz just joined the 8 digit club with 10 million.
JLK03F150 just earned 8 million.
Triple Ace will earn 8 million in 6.8 days.
_Console_ will earn 7 million in 3.6 days.
Gary Swindle will earn 6 million in 4 days.
modd just earned 2 million.

Please give a warm welcome to Mortuus who just joined the 7 digit club with 1 million points and will earn 2 million in a short 3.8 days. Way to come in hot.

Congratulations to all with their various achievements. You’ve earned them. Every week we see many of the same names but there are new names to this list and that is appreciated.

On a personal level, I have sustained a substantial point lose as of late. I will be working on finding the problem and getting production back up. These are the types of issues that we as folders face for the cause. Hardware fails, an update slows things down, the heat of summer forces production to end. We each have committed to the cause and we have done so for no personal monetary gain. We get points that have no value other than the satisfaction that we earned them. We have banded together to help the scientific community gain insight to disease such as cancer. It is to this end that we struggle and fight and it is through that struggle that we become cohesive.

Thank you one and all for your team spirit and camaraderie. The knowledge and strength within this team is great and a joy to be a part of.

Until next week,

Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:
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Jul 10, 2010
Hoping to be back up on this list next week. I was down for a while due to some emergency loop maintenance, but now both my 970's are running on water :D time to start pushing a more aggressive overclock


Feb 18, 2016
I'm going to be down for a while. Dark Souls 3. I'll have to try to catch JrClocker again.


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
I'm still paying off a wedding...so as much as I want to get a additional 980 Ti...



What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
I had a power blink last week that borked a windows install on my FX folder. Finally got a chance to reinstall today, just waiting for windows updates to show up (they really take their time for Win7). Hopefully folding on that machine again tonight or tomorrow.


Likes the big ones n00b Member
Sep 7, 2013
Plumbing the new case tomorrow meaning as soon as i can find a HDD the 3570k will be up and folding with a 7850. Not much but hey i can add cards later :D