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EOC stats in review week ending 27 May 16

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Jul 17, 2003
Welcome to the Memorial Day (US) edition. Remember, Memorial Day is to remember those who died rather than those who served. In similar fashion, remember those of our teammates who have passed on while fighting to help find a cure. :salute:

Team: This week, we only have one team in our sites. [H]ardOCP will fall to our superior might in a mere 6.7 years. While we are not at the top of our game, we knew that this was coming due to the heat of summer so don’t despair. We are doing fine for this time of year. Winter will bring us back to full strength again.

The month is not quite over but we have again reached over a billion points. This makes four months in a row. If you had any doubt that we are a strong team, this stat should give you hope. We have consistently out produced ourselves for a good amount of time. If you need a measure of our success, that’s a good one to look at.

TOP 10/20 ppd: Macaholic tops our list with 9.6 million.
HayesK is earning 5 million.
RoXQi3x is earning 4.2 million.
Torin3 is earning 2.1 million.
P4EE is earning 1.8 million.
RamonetB is earning 1.4 million.
orion456 is earning 1.2 million.
JrClocker is earning 1.1 million.
chuckerants is earning 941k
and hardass is earning 941k.

The top 20 round out with prime81, Jaymz9350, don256us, KingScrud, Andy R, unsafesteagle, PantyShot, gabi golan, SubPar1 and eQuinOx (RIP). Please note that eQuinOx is folding from his place in the afterlife. Thanks to his wife and daughter for leaving his rigs running.

Milestones: RoXQi3x will reach 2 billion in 6 days! WOOT!
zspaldin will earn 300 million in 1.5 days.
audioaficionado just earned 90 million.
Andy R just earned 80 million.
prime81 will earn 81 million in 1.8 days. (See what I did there?)
ChrisF 32 just earned 40 million.
Nihilus just earned 40 million.
gulp35 will earn 40 million in 2.5 days.
KhronosTheTitan will earn 40 million in 5.6 days.
unsafesteagle will earn 30 million in 4.7 days.
N3UMW just earned 20 million.
ZL1 just earned 20 million.
Dennis Kenning will earn 20 million in 6.6 days.
surfpunk will earn 20 million in 3.1 days.
JLK03F150 just earned 10 million.
wjruth just earned 4 million.
IAmMoen will earn 4 million in 2.1 days.

The biggest movement on page one is by KhronosTheTitan who has moved up 4 spots in the last week. deeppow has moved up 3 spots. prime81 and JrClocker have moved up 2 spots.

Congratulations to all.

Be safe this weekend. If you drink don’t drive. Remember, this is a drinking holiday and the police will be setting up checkpoints looking for OUI.

Until next week,
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:
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Dec 25, 2004
Thanks again for the status overview. It really is nice that you take the time to give us this snapshot of how we are doing.

I hope to be a little more evenly spaced between RoXQi3x and P4EE by next week's update.


Aug 18, 2010
I'm really digging these weekly status posts! It's nice to get an overview of where the team is going, who's doing what, and how crazy Mac is being. :p


What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
I actually just reached 11 million. Just upgraded an HD 6950 to a GTX 970 FTW+. So far it has only been folding, but I'm looking forward to playing a little GTA5 on this machine too. The WUs this card can crank out is amazing!

I still have another 6950 & a 7750 folding. My GTX 650 needs a new Win7 install thanks to an unwanted failed Win10 upgrade. I plan to put my 2nd 6950 with the other, but changing the PSU and updating case cooling will be needed before that can happen.