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EOC stats in review week ending 29 Apr 16.

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Jul 17, 2003
This week, we once again have two teams in our sights. [H]ardOCP and Overclock.net at 5 and 11.6 years respectively. Team 32 is truly showing some strength in these springs’ months. Ultimately it looks like we have managed to maintain our production rate while the other teams have slumped. Perhaps it is rare to say that a flat line represents progress but in this case, it does.

All of our top 10 are producing 1 million points or better and our top 20 are earning 353k or better. This is a good show by all. Macaholic leads the charge earning 9.3 million. HayesK is earning 8.9 million. RoXQi3x is earning 4.5 million. Torin3: 1.9, P4EE: 1.6, hardass: 1.2, RamonetB: 1.2, JrClocker: 1.1, orion456: 1.0, ConundrumLR: 1.0 million ppd. Great job guys. Rounding out the top 20: chuckerants, don256us, prime81, Andy R, Jaymz9350, King Scrud, zspaldin, PantyShot, unsafesteagle and KhronosTheTitan. Thank you guys.

Mac and Hayes are still in a battle for ppd dominance. This week the point spread has been closed to within 400k. There is a lot of investment that goes into an operation like this. These guys have or had 30+ video cards running. This takes several “hosts” to maintain with CPUs, HDDs, RAM, power, etc. This is a huge outlay of time and money. The Meep! Meep! thread is still full of smack talk and shows what they go through on a daily basis to keep this up.

On the total points front:
HayesK will earn 3 billion points in 1.6 weeks. Because of the scale of this achievement, he gets special consideration.

ConundrumLR just earned 90 million.
JrClocker will earn 90 million in 2.4 hours.
Andy R will earn 70 million in 3.4 days.
prime81 will earn 60 million in 4.7 days.
deeppow just earned 40 million.
KhronosTheTitan will earn 30 million in 1.3 days.
Zuzzz just joined the 8 digit club with 10 million points.
JLK03F150 will earn 9 million in 7 days or 1 week if you will.
Triple Ace just earned 8 million points.
_Console_ just earned 7 million.
Gary Swindle just earned 6 million and will earn 7 million in 0 hours. Yes, zero hours.
modd will earn 3 million in 2.9 days.

Please welcome our newest millionaire, Memex who just earned 1 million points.

Great job guys. Keep up the fold.

There are other great achievements out there so please post what you see or what you have accomplished. We want to know.

Until next week,

Build, Borg, Recruite. :comp:
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