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EOC stats in review.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
The top 20 has seen a little movement in the top ppd. Macaholic has taken the top spot with about a 400k ppd lead over HayesK in the #2 slot. The top four all are within reach of each other so if any of them decided to make a move, it would be major. The big competitors to Mac are HayesK, hardass and RoxQi3x.

Competition for slots 5 and 6 are really tight between Torin3 and P4EE. This race could change daily based on WU's to each folder. don256us, orion456, KingScrud and Chuckerants fill out the top 10.

Congratulations are in order for all in the top 20.

On the total points list, there is some big movement going on.
Page 1 sees Torin3, chuckerants, stevem, KingScrud, t1nm4n, ChrisF_32 and nucligator moving up a spot, Macaholic, Kowalski3500 and FLYFISHER moving 2 slots. folding_monkeys have moved 3 spots. The big movement on page 1 is CADDI_DADDI moving 5 slots to number 90 overall for team 32.

Page 2 shows several well known folders making their moves. surfpunk has gained one slot. Cvsi3, Dennis_Kenning and N3UMW have moved 2 slots. Nihilus has moved 4 slots with deeppow moving 5. The big news for the team is The_Foldinator moving a whopping 21 slots this week.as he nears the half a million ppd mark.

Page 3 shows an even greater jump in slots with Donuts moving 30 slots to #209. MasterMitch has moved 8 slots. Jerk has moved up 4 slots and Roger_G 5 slots. The greatest jump is AnonymousLowryder(www.overclockers.com) who moved 83 slots this week.

Page 4 has respectable movement as well. JLK03F150 has move 10 slots, Giz_UK has 19 slots and modd has moved 3 slots. These folks have shown a steady commitment to the team.

Kowalski3500 will reach 90 million in less than 6 days. KingScrud will reach 60 million today. FLYFISHER will also reach his next milestone of 40 million today. Donuts will reach 8 million in just over 4 days. MasterMitch and AninymousLowryder(www.overclockers.com) will reach 5 million points in 5 and 3.8 days respectively.

For the team as a whole, we are being chased by LinusTechTips_Team. They are gunning for our number 6 slot in a short 7.9 years.

If there is any further movement that you think is of note, please add it below.

Great job guys and here's to a great year of folding ahead. WOOT! WOOT!

I just want to throw it out there as im sure others feel the same. Don you have been doing a fantastic job in keeping all the folders and im sure new folders interested in team 32 and f@h. Whether its following your trials and tribulations in getting to (and surpassing :thup: ) the 1M ppd mark and posts like this just throwing out kudos to those who are pushing. It keeps me coming back and staying current with team 32, and i just want to say thank you. :salute:
May the fold be with you. :D
What the good man above me said :thup:
thanks Don much appreciated...

It feels like a real Team and that I very much like as a addition to the Folding :cool:

Have a good one guys..