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EOC stats week ending 10 Jun 16.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Team conquest list:
Hardware.no 2.2 years
Overclock.net 6.2 years
[H]ardOCP 6.8 years.

This week’s big news:
Torin3 has an awesome write-up about the new GTX 1080 and its folding prowess. Looks like he has seen anywhere from over 700k to 1 million ppd since he has had it folding. These are astounding numbers for a single card and all at around 180 watts of power to boot. The demand for these cards by gamer’s and folders have been immense. This thread is so informative; other folding teams have linked directly to it and have been inspecting/analyzing the results. There will be some real competition coming up over the course of this summer and into winter as teams gear up with this new card.

Top 10 ppd:
Macaholic 9.5 million
HayesK 4.8 million
RoXQi3x 4.6 million
Torin3 2.7 million
RamonetB 1.7 million
JrClocker 1.2 million
orion456 1.2 million
P4EE 1.1 million
chuckerants 840k
don256us 701k

Top 20 ppd: prime81, hardass, KingScrud, Jaymz9350, unsafesteagle, gabi golan, folding monkeys, KhronosTheTitan, JLK03F150 and SubPar1.

Great job guys on keeping your production up and crushing our opponents.

Holy COW! RoXQi3x has earned over 2 billion points. 2,000,000,000. WOOT!
Robert17 will earn 100 million in 2.9 days.
eddyg519 will earn 90 million in 4.4 days.
prime81 will earn 90 million in 3.6 days.
FLYFISHER just earned 60 million.
deeppow will earn 50 million in 5 days.
Dark Bishop just earned 6 million.
wjruth just earned 5 million and will earn 6 million in 3.2 days.
belorsch just earned 4 million.
modd just earned 4 million.

Congratulations to you all.

Team page 1 movement:
unsafesteagle just joined the top 100 by moving up 3 spots.
KhronosTheTitan has also moved up 3 spots.
KingScrud has moved up 2 spots.
gulp35 has moved up 2 spots.
Nihilus has moved up 2 spots.
JrClocker, stevem, audioaficionado, eddyg519, prime81and FLYFISHER have all moved up 1 spot.

Keep it up guys.

All users (world) top 100:
HayesK #12
P4EE #23
orion456 #26
RoXQi3x #30
Macaholic #50
hardass #67
Torin3 #71

This is a tough group to crack. These slots have been hard earned.

Until next week,
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:


Aug 18, 2010
...how did I miss this last week?!


Thank you for keeping up with this, the team greatly appreciates it!!!

FYI I like the new layout. :thup: