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EOC stats week ending 11 Mar 16.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Hello again team 32. Here are your weekly EOC updates for the team.

To much amazement, the [H]ord of [H]ardOCP is still on our conquest list for overtaking in a mere 12.6 years. WOOT! This is a team achievement sparked by a few factors to include more active members and more ppd per active member. Both are great news as this team comes back alive. It is really something to witness. We are a great team.

Today let’s look at something we haven’t looked at before. We have a number of members who rank very high in the *world* standing. HayesK for example is number 19 in the world for overall production. WOW! P4EE is number 22, Orion456 is number 26 and RoXQi3x is number 39. These are some of the top folders in the world! Holy cow!

Let’s also give a warm welcome to our newest member unsafesteagle. He has moved 5,608 slots in the last seven days having only started to fold for team 32 on the 7th. In looking at his stats, it’d be a guess to say he is a CPU folder. It all helps and is all appreciated. Welcome to the team unsafesteagle.

On the home front, Macaholic and HayesK are still in the spotlight. 7.4 and 7.1 million ppd. These numbers are crazy high. There is no telling how long they can keep it up but the team is benefiting greatly from this contested race. RoXQi3x is still producing an amazing 3.1 million ppd.

There is a great race in slots 4, 5, and 6. Torin3, P4EE and RamonetB each are earning about 1.9 million ppd. This race could break open if any of them make a change to their current configuration. I believe that a gauntlet was thrown by one of these guys in last week’s EOC update. We’ll see what transpires.

This week, the top 12 are all earning 1 million ppd or more. That’s a big improvement for the team. Furthermore, the top 20 are all earning 420k ppd or more. That’s also a big improvement for the top producers on the team. This team has definitely caught the “folding bug” and our stats show it.

This week:
Nihilus joins the top 100.

Macaholic earned 700 million
SubPar1 will reach 100 million tomorrow
KingScrud will reach 100 million in two days
stevem will earn 90 million tomorrow
t1nm4n just earned 80 million
audioaficionado will earn 80 million later today
Silver Pharaoh will earn 70 million in five days
Jaymz9350 just earned 60 million
nucligator just earned 40 million
JrClocker just earned 30 million and will earn 40 million in four days
ConundrumLR just earned 30 million and will earn 40 million in three days
deeppow just earned 30 million
Nihilus just earned 30 million
__Console__ just earned 6 million
Cathago will earn 4 million in four days
JetEngineMech just joined the 1 million point mark

Great job to all. You will notice that the 20 million point group from last week moved up to 30 million. As predicted, this is an up and coming group. Several of them will reach 40 million by next week. These are fast movers.

Please post even more notable events below and keep folding.
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AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
Hit the 1,000,000 PPD mark!

And trying to hold off ConundrumLR...pant...pant...he's been about a day from passing me for about a week now - hehe. Alas, I don't know if I can hold him off much longer!


Feb 18, 2016
And trying to hold off ConundrumLR...pant...pant...he's been about a day from passing me for about a week now - hehe. Alas, I don't know if I can hold him off much longer!

It's been a slow process. I fear I wont put enough space between us by the time you get your new 980ti and you'll be quick to take your lead back.


Jul 10, 2010
I've been keeping an eye on both of you lately. I still have a good lead for now, but you're both destroying me on PPD. At this rate, I'm gonna be sweating and checking my bank account in 3 months...


Jun 12, 2005
I really need colder weather so I can keep my 4 cards running, won't be enough to keep Cunundrum from me or Jr (especially when he get his new 980Ti) but at least I'd be in the 1mil ppd club. Good folding and maybe when I get things worked around and better ventilation in this ole house I might just get back in the running.