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EOC stats week ending 5 Feb 16

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Well folders, there are two big events going on for us that I don’t think are mutually exclusive. 1) There is no one on our threats list. 2) There are some high profile races going on.

Let’s start with the team as a whole. We had two challengers looking to take our top world ranking from us. Last week we took out one of those challengers and this week we took out the other. This is a TEAM accomplishment and we should be proud that we stomped out those fires. Let other teams know that we mean business.

There are several races going on within the team that have boosted production by a lot. The most popular one to watch has been HayesK and Macaholic. HayesK has not only taken the top point slot for the team but he has also bested Mac in ppd. Presently they are 5.2 million for Hayes and 4.6 million for Macaholic. These two have been trading blows for about a month now and it seemed like there was no way to best Mac. Hayes has done it for this week. With that said, 600k ppd is not an unsurmountable gap for these guys.

RoXQi3x is not far from second place himself at 3.9 million. Other tight races are RamonetB and P4EE both at 1.8 million ppd. don256us and hardass are tight at 1.5 million each. There is a fun three-way race between chuckerants, JrClocker and KingScrud at or near the 700k ppd. There are other tight races not highlighted here but they are all fun to watch. Pick a folder to route for and let's cheer them on! (ED trash talk in the threads is fine only if it is with respect. Trash on!)

Individual achievements: (1 million and above)
Be looking for future announcements at the 1 and 2 trillion point marks. HOLY COW!

OC3d will reach 900 million in 3 days.
RamonetB just hit 700 million.
Macaholic will reach half a trillion (500 million) in just over a day.
don256us (me) will reach 400 million in just under 5 days.
SubPar1 just hit 90 million.
stevem and KingScrud will reach 80 million in 2.9 and 6.2 days respectively.
jumpncrash will hit 70 million in about 2 days.
klear just reached 60 million.
t1nm4n will reach 60 million in 4.4 days.
folding monkeys just hit 50 million.
Raymond Abbott will reach 20 million in 5.7 days.
Donuts just hit 10 million.
JrClocker just hit 8 million.
JLK03F150 just hit 4 million.
HankB just hit 2 million.
Carthago will reach 2 million in 3.5 days.
KhronosTheTitan just hit 1 million and will reach 2 million in 2.3 days.

Congratulations guys on your new rankings! Keep it up.

In looking through the threads in the Folding section, there are a lot of good things going on. People are getting help with new builds in both Windows and Linux, new and old equipment. Trash talking amongst folders looking to best each other in races that are captivating and encouraging. In all, this is a great place to be if you are a folder.

Thank you to the entire team for your comradery.

FOLD ON! :comp:
I made it to page 2 on the team list!

I got The Witcher 3 for a birthday present on Wednesday...been holding off playing it until I pass chuckerants in ppd! :D
Hoping to be in that 700k ppd fight once everything works out. And should hit 40 mil withing the next week
Gratz Jr. and Jay.

I had to turn one of my cards off, not enough room in the case it's in to get sufficient air to stay cool. One cards is a chilly 58c while the other gets to 72c+, I know those are safe temps, but me not being there to monitor them I'd rather play it on safe side, so a small drop in my output come tomorrow. Maybe it's time to build a open air case and have all the cards on risers for nice fresh air, I guess it would be like a mining rig?
There is a fun three-way race between chuckerants, JrClocker and KingScrud at or near the 700k ppd.
in reality, I should be easily getting between 800k and 900k ppd with my setup. Unfortunately the client on my girlfriends PC has been acting up ever since I did a re-install on a new drive for christmas, so the advanced control client doesn't like to load correctly anymore. Because of this, there have been several days and nights where the gpu sat idle, running up my electric bill for no real gain :c I've been putting off fixing this, but these regular updates are starting to motivate me to do something about it.
Hmmm, makes me think I need another 970 or 2. :D

I just bought a Raspberry Pi 2 B just to tinker with. I wonder what the PPD would be on that? lol