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EOC WIR(Week In Review) week ending 8 Jul 16

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Forum Spotlight:
There are a number of threads showing great interest in boosting production. Various teammates are in differing stages of tuning gear, getting gear and/or running on Linux, etc. There is a lot of talk about getting the new 1070’s which seem to hit a sweet spot of price and performance. There are several threads with members already putting these into production. Take some time and look through the forums and see what you can learn. Please help out as you can too. There is some really great stuff out there so don’t get left out.

Team Overtake:
Overclcock.net 5.6 years
[H]ardOCP 12 years

Team Spotlight:
Of the top teams, we are #26 for active folders yet we are #4 for total point production. That’s a statement for sure. We are hitting above our weight.

Top 20 PPD:
Macaholic 9.2 million
RoXQi3x 4.9 million
Torin3 2.4 million
HayesK 1.9 million
RamonetB 1.5 million
JrClocker 1.1 million
orion456 1.1 million
chuckerants 954k
P4EE 932k
Jaymz9350 781k

gabi golan
folding monkeys

For those wo are paying attention here, our top 20 is earning less and less as the summer gets hotter and hotter. As has been stated many times before, this has been expected and is not a reason for concern. Come the winter months, we should see a sharp increase across the board from all users.

Individual Milestones:
folding monkeys just earned 90 million
Silver Pharaoh will earn 80 million in 21.6 hours
unsafesteagle just earned 50 million
gulp35 will earn 50 million in 6.4 days
wjruth just earned 10 million

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
unsafesteagle is still terrorizing the list by moving up 5 slots
Nihilus moved up 3 spots
KhronosTheTitan moved up 2 spots

Moving up one slot each is:
Andy R
folding monkeys

World Top 100:
HayesK #10
P4EE #24
orion456 #26
RoXQi3x #29
Macaholic #42
Torin3 #66
hardass #70

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:


Dec 3, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Just want to drop a quick note and say I, and my folding machines, will be MIA for the next 2 weeks. Finally got a chance to take a vacation from work. :escape:

Sorry to drop out for so long, but I'll start back up ASAP when I get back. Until then, fold on comrades. :salute:


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
No worries. You are a strong folder and we look forward to your safe return.

Question: Who might some one... NOT ME.... call to have your vacation cancled? Just a random question. I'm not planning anything. :rofl:

Have fun.