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Sep 13, 2002
Williamsport, PA
maybe converting. have some questions. i'm new to epox boards. they always say they're the best for stability. i plan on a kt400a board with some pc3200 or 3500 and my existing hardware + xp2400. what are your opinions of this board? how would it fair vs. the asus A7V8X? they seem pretty similar.
Just got an epox 8k9a, NOT the 8k9a2, no lan on mine, $85 from newegg. I also have an msi Ktvl KT400. The MSI has lan, and runs great and stable, has OC options, runs great up to about 166 FSB.

The epox is running perfectly stable at 200 FSB, same componets as the MSI. I got a few other boards, but this epox just works.
anyone know how it compares to the A7V8X. that's the board i've been leaning towards but i've heard so much good about epox in general. i want kt400, AGP8x and good overclocking stability.
If you aren't in rush the KT400a are due out at the begging of next year. They are rumored to have the fabled 1/6 divider at 200MHZ FSB, already have 8XAGP, will likely have Serial hard drive adapters, unlock 2400+ processors on board, and have some great BIOS overclocking features. But I am biases because the EPoX boards have been great for me...and seem to have the most stable OC's.
Hmmm. KT400A. Who cares? :) I'm getting 200 FSB with the epox KT400, with only a 1/5 divider. I'm not sure we'll have memory able to hit much higher than 200 when the KT400A comes out. Haven't seen much to say that serial ata is gonna help that much, or be affordable for most of us.

So it seems that Feb. 02 (we are talking a 3 month wait) may bring the KT400A, but not much more performance. If you need a board now, get a good KT400 for $80 to $120 NOW, and then see whats available next summer.

I'm still a little .... let down on the nforce2 hype. WAIT don't get a mobo NOW, N2 is almost here ..... for like 6 months the nforce2 was going to be the best thing ever .... current benchmarks are like, so what, not much better than KT266A boards. But now we can wait wait wait for the KT400A .....