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Epox 8K3A+ overheating

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Sep 22, 2002
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Yep, believ it or not, my voltage regulators on the board are running 4 times as hot as my processor, GPU, northbridge and ram put together. It is so hot it melts the plastic that I set the board on to test. I am running a 300W power supply (maybe thats the problem) and the voltages are pretty close (+-.10V). OH WAIT.......3.3V is running at 1.88? according to MBM5.0 Is my power supply just messed up? Does MBM think that the CPU voltage is the 3.3 line? hmmm, im gonna go boot into the BIOS. Tell me what you think. Why are the voltage regulators (capacitors and stuff by CPU) so hot.

Edit: Yeah it was MBM, had to switch the sensor. . . its ok now.
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repo man11

Dec 28, 2001
I'm not sure about the heat, I've never felt my voltage regulators on my Epox. But to get the 3.3 volt to read correctly, you need to set MBM to w83697HF 8KHA+. It isn't the right board, but it is a close as MBM 5 comes. That will get your 3.3 line reading closer to reality.
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