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Epox 8K7A

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Mar 18, 2003
My friend has a 8K7A and he is having problems with every video card that is over 32mb of memory of any kind. He has tried my ATI 9500 pro and ATI 8500 and Geforce 2 GTS with no success. Each time the screen is messed up and likes like a cat has been scratching on it or the colors are bleeding into each other or intensive lines are forming lateraly on the screen. Also he has had problems installing games because they have been crashing on install every time. He has 4 hard drives on raid and cd-rom and dvd-rom seperate. He is using a Antec Truepower 350. I was wondering if he is running out of power but is it possible the board is just sucking all of a sudden now and just doesn't want to cooperate. Please give me your thoughts thank you!:D :D


Aug 13, 2001
Bergen, Norway
Well, one thing the 8k7a is know for, is it's hunger for 5V. I've got the 8k7a+ and noticed a big drop on the +5V line when installing my Ati 8500LE card. My old card (Geforce1) left me with about 5.05V but after the 8500 I get 4.85 and frequent crashes..

So that MAY be it..


Jul 7, 2001
The Problem has to do with the bad board design and sometimes caps going bad. I have two of these boards sitting in my closet right now because they are to much of a pain in the arse to work with. They both ran fine for about a year then they started getting very pickey on video card. In fact i could not get my gf3 or 8500 to work on the board. I did however get an old voodoo5500 to work (most likely because of the extra power on the card) and all pci cards to work. The systems would still hard crash after being on for awhile.

There are only a few things i can suggest.

1. Buy a very good power supply. PC Power and Cooling or Sparkle (fortron source) are very good for this board.

2. Get a crapy pci video card and use it as a file server, your still gonna have to get a good power supply though.

3. Put it in the closet

4. ***** to epox about bad design.

5. Go buy a 8rda+ from newegg for 85 bucks

These boards were netorious for being power supply pickey. In fact my 300w sparkle worked better with this board than my true power 430 antec supply. Whats really bad is the 300w supply i had finally took a dump after being abused and having the 5v pots cranked up.

Its really sad cause these boards are really nice...too nice to be sitting in my closet.