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Epox 8k9a2+ questions

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Nov 1, 2002
I just picked up a new motherboard and ram for my main computer and am having trouble with the memory timings.

I have read the reviews on the board and they say the ram should work with the fastest timings.

I have an Epox 8k9a2+ with a 512mb Corsair XMS3200c2 chip running an athlon 2200+. I would like to get it running at 200mhz fsb. Any sugestions.

The rest of the cards in the system are
Adaptec 19160
Radeon 9700
Happauge WinTV PCI

In a Koolance PC601BW with enermax 365 wisper power supply.

every time I set the memory timings to ultra it either reboots trying to enter windows or i will get in and rundll crashes.

Do I need to up the ram or cpu voltages.

is your chip unlocked?
you psu might not be powerful enough...make sure you check voltages..and in order to run 200 fsb with the fastest settings..you will have to have your vdimm to 2.8v or so.....i can run 195 fsb with fastest timings and 1T command at 2.6v...but thats me...you might as well try 2.8..cant hurt
raising the voltage helps. I now have it at 185mhz FSB and max memory timings.

I am still having trouble getting it up to 200mhz fsb.

How much of a problem could the 350watt enermax power supply be and is there any way to tell if that is what is holding me back?
answer the question


is your cpu UNLOCKED???

it makes all the difference getting the higher FSB cause you can adjust the x's.

if not unlocked, then you are pushing the sucker to its limits with the FSB.

go for it.


Yes. This board unlocks the cpu .. Right now i have it up to 190X10

At maximum ram timings ... its getting there slowly ...

Core Voltage is up to 1.725
Ram Voltage is at 2.80

How much further can i go with the voltages safely?
With that 2200+ you can go alot higher on Vcore as long as your temps are alright. The max on that mobo if I remember right is 2.0 then you would have to mod. Your Vdimm can go 3.00 or better with that ram. Did you burn in that ram?
I have not burned in the system yet ... I can not seem to get the video card working correctly yet ..

I can get into windows but most 3d apps reboot the pc.

Any sugestions here by anyone?

using the Radeon 9700 Pro - Retail by ATI, on this board.
I Gotta Get Me One Of Those!

Hey HocusPocus,
I'd love to get a 8k9a3+...got any sources...I've got a Soyo KT333 and can't crank the voltage uP any further than 1.85 for the unlocked XP2200...which is screamin for more voltage...I can't see well enough to do the voltage mod on the mobo...so my lack of sight will have to be compensated by the thickness of my wallet...or at least the Gold_ness of my 'AE' card...I'm also runnin 512 mb corsair xms/3200c2/swiftech 462+/smartfanII/400w ps...any tips on any/all settings for max performance...this system is sitting on an open_air workbench so temps are fairly low...(I listed them in another forum and got flamed like I had a tail or something...forgot to mention the open_air bench...no case...so I'm not going to list here...but they're ok)...anyway...please let me know ASAP where I can get that 8k9a3+...Have AE...will melt!...Thanx...:bang head
Isn't OCsystem a very crappy seller? I wouldn't recommend buying from them.

*edit* Went to go check at resellerratings.com and it had a 2.58 out of 10.
^5...Thanx 4 the head's uP!!!...only thing...they're local...I could drive right over there and uP that puppy uP...BUT...they're outta stock anyway...do U know of any outlets that do have a good rating and might have that item in stock...