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Epox 8KHA+ and Enermax 465P-VD

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
Rightio, i just lost £100 on an Epox 8K7A (non raid). After two months of owning it the aluminium contacts on the atx connector plug had gone black and my 5v fell to nothingness. My computers' stability deteriated from rock stable to jelly mountain. So i bought a new board (couldnt replace the epox coz i lost my receipt). The board i bought was the IWill XP333R. Something is wrong with that board, my fps and mem scores are ridiculiously low. So im going to get another epox. Im hoping to get the Epox 8KHA+ on tuesday.

The thing is, i want to know if that board is going to do the same thing with my enermax or are the contacts better (eg gold).


Also can anyone else tell me if they have had their epox die over time through using a powerful PSU.
AFAIK the enermax does not get along with epox boards. I believe Enermax might have fixed it with there new power supplies, but that does not help you out because you are using the same power supply. I would just use a different supply with an Epox board, It just is not worth the risk to me. Hope this helps.
Yeah the thing is, im not going out to spend another £80 on another high rated PSU.

I think i will just get the board, if it dies after 2-3 months i will send it back and get a different model. But for now i need a good board and the epox is the only one.

Can anyone give me DETAILED information on why the old enermaxes caused problems on epox boards and what they have done to fix it?

I might be able to get a mate to buy the PSU off of me because he wants an enermax, but if my model of enermax is faulty he wont want it.

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I'm also interested to know what specific problems that the Enermax/8KHA+ pairing produces. I've had my system up for about 1.5 months so if there I'd problems I'd rather avoid them than have to start replacing hardware.
Yeah, what i think is causing it is...

The atx connector pins on the Enermax are gold plated. The motherboard pins are aluminium. When you run high voltages across the pins for a long period of time corrosion occurs. I cant remember what the name for that is, but im sure someone else will do. I think this is why PSU's such as Sparkle do so well, because I dont think they use gold contacts.

Anyway, im getting the Epox 8KHA+ soon, it was supposed to arrive today but the retailers had run out of stock :(