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Epox 8KMM or Albatron

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Aug 2, 2002
hey, i'm on a REALLY Tight budget, but basically i need another machine, i want to get an ATHLON 1800 (preferably) and put it on a budget board, www.ebuyer.com stocks both the Albatron KX400+pro and the Epox 8kmm (micro atx), along with a few other boards.. bear in mind that i want to overclock the athlon, preferably to DDR333 (or close to it) and about XP2000 speed (on air cooling) anyone know which is the best board? have any suggestions? ideally i want to be ripping DVD to avi on it, so speed and reliability must be good, but it must be cheap (am i dreaming of a perfect world?) expansion ports ain't a problem, as long as i have 3 PCI, and one AGP :) :burn:
Asus A7N266-VM SKT A Integrated NVIDIA GeForce2 Graphics & ALC650 audio, AMD ATHLON-XP 1600+ 266 FSB, Kingston Memory 256MB 333MHz DDR PC2700 DIMM, Coolermaster CP5-6J31C Socket A Upto 2700XP, Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8 40Gb ATA 133 7200rpm sound good to you guys? i can just about afford the £236.37 bill.. could probably stretch just to a XP1800 too :)
The 8KMM will probably only have FSB adjustment if any overclocking options at all. Not a good choice if you plan to overclock, but the KM266 boards perform very well @ stock speeds. On par w/ KT266A boards in my experience...definitely a good choice for an all-in-one solution. Used a couple of MSI's version of the KM266 now and quite happy with their performance.