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Epox 8KTA3 Overclocking

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New Member
Feb 21, 2001
I tried the pencil trick to unlock the cpu [ Thund 750].
I am new at overclocking, so I don't know if it worked.
When you are talking about multipliers are you talking about the CPU Ratio in the BOIS?If not where is it located? When I changed the CPU Host I got some
increase. Thanks for your help. Mike
i'm not sure on the exact bios settings.. read the manual and see if you can't decide which one is the multiplier from there. you know that fsb*multiplier=core speed.. ?
Since you've got a KT133A mobo, the multiplier isn't that important. Just leave it at 7.5 and ramp up the FSB. The higher the FSB is, the better your total performance will be. Just go for 7.5 x 133 MHz = 1 GHz!