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Epox EP-7kxa and AMD ????

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What processors are supported on the EP-7KXA?

From the Epox site:

We have completed successful internal testing using a variety of Athlon processors on the market including the 500, 700, 750, 800 and 850MHz versions of the processors.

REV 0.4 in addition to the models above also supports the Athlon 900MHz
Your board supports FSB overclocking only, so you can expect to get a moderate overclock...maybe 770MHz. :)
Yes this is true, but I can also change clock speed on cpu by resoldering SMD-resistors or adding a GFD. I have already changed the fsb to 115 and ran very stable. want to change cpu clock but don't know if board will support over 850mhz.
Well I give up. I guese I only get 800mhz out it.
I tried 9x - post then locked up
8.5x - post then would not boot windows
even tried different voltages.
I can tell you it was a big pain in the ***, moving and resoldering all of those little damn SMD resistors.
Well here's a little update.
did more reading and calculating, with no thanks to tom's hardware(Overclocking AMD's Athlon Processor) article. He fails to mention the L2 cache, it seams to read just change multiplier and up voltage a little and your ready to go. BIG CRAPP!!!
My athlon 700 has a 7x core with a 1/2 L2 cache(350), I could run at 700 w/fsb110 L2 cache(385) very stable
700 w/fsb115 L2 cache(402.5) 90% stable
All the settings above 8x core(800) would not work because I did not change the L2 cache multiplier, it seams any thing over (402) on the L2 cache would lock the system. even at 8x(800) I could not do a 110fsb, because that also played a factor in the L2(giving me (440) to much and locked the system).
Sence I had left it at 8x(800)100fsb and did not feel like changing all of those little DAMB SMD resistors again, I would just change the L2 cache resistor to 2/5. Now I'am at 8x(800)110fsb 2/5L2 =880/L2(352)
but I have to crank the voltage up to 1.8v to run stable(tom's says just a little)"YEH" and at 1.75 I get errors.
I just don't understand how I can read about everyone's great seccess with the Athlon's and mine won't, but my Duron 700 overclocks GREAT to 1000 10x 1.75v.
This just sucks...
8x(800)110fsb 2/5L2 did not work to well, ran Seti for about 2hours
then it crashed, reboot-crash, reboot-ran quake-crash.
changed L2 to 1/3, it did not like that ether. So now I'am at
8x(800)100fsb 1/3L2 1.7v and been running Seti for 5hours now, with not a glich at 29c/84f max temp. Iam begining to think that this board (epox-ep7kxa) is CRAPP or it just dos not like the fsb kicked up, which i don't understand because before at oem 7x(700)1/2L2 1.6v,
I had the fsb at 110 for months with out a glich,crash,skip,nothing...
It sounds like you've found the upper end of that particular chip. Your board seems ok if you could run at 110 FSB. Just out of curiosity, did you try 7.5 and increased FSB? :)
Well, I think I have it as far as it will go.
after my last post I was alittle disapointed with the Athlon700 & Epox ep7kxa rev.3. before I went to bed I set it up for some stress & burning all night and the voltage at 1.75.
in the morning I was able to change it to 1.65, it post, boot and ran Seti & Quike demo for for two hours, cool and stable at low volt. so I tried for 850-900, 900 no go, ithink its to much for the MB. Happy to say 850 worked, 1.75v L2 1/3 fsb 100, Seti & quake no problem. 1.70v post, crash in boot, 1.80v post, boot, seti, and crash quake. Left it at 1.80v for an all nighter, because 1.70v would by nice.
Now I have 850, L2 1/3,100fsb,1.70v running cool and stable, seti, quake and misc no problem. I think I'll leave it alone and be happy :) :) :)