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Epox EP-8RDA+ LED Error code 10

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Apr 19, 2003
Let me just say this straight up, Epox has horrible service. The manuel gives no useful information on these LED error codes.

So I bought a whole new system, water cooling, Tbird B, 3200 XMS corsair, 9700 and this epox board. Ive installed everything without much trouble, but when i start it up the LED with digital numbers displays a 10, and starts beeping like crazy.
The manuel says "Auto detect flash type to load appropriate flash R/W codes into the run time area in F000 for ESCD &DMI support."

I have no idea what that means, let alone how to auto detect flash type.

Can someone please help me, this board is basically my only hope because Epox doesnt seem to.


Feb 21, 2003
Try clearing your CMOS by unplugging the power cord and setting the CMOS jumper to the clear position (it's one by the battery). Leave it there for 30 seconds or so, then put it back and power up again.

If that doesnt help (and I had to do this before) carefully remove the battery. No, it's can't be done with one hand. Wait a bit and replace it and see if you can boot up then.


Mar 8, 2002
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
I have had the same problem here. After replacing th 333 samsung with 3200 twinX i got 10 error.
Do that:
replace your stick with a 333 or 266 stick
clear cmos
update the new 8rda version
replace the memos