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athlon eater

Feb 17, 2001
anyone got an epox8kta3 w/1gig tbird or better out there? im waiting for mine to ship and i havent got a life so i thoght id ask. if your feeling malicious i scare easily so come get me!


Feb 17, 2001
Mesa Arizona
read the sig...
The board rulez. I heard recently from someone that did a voltage mod on it. That is my next project.


New Member
Feb 28, 2001
I just got the epox 8kta3 5 days ago with a duron650
riva tnt 16 mb video cd
richoh mp 7060 burner
128 mb pc133 generic sdram

right out of the box I booted @ 866 (change jumper on board)6.5x133
let it burn-in for 2 hrs then mounted a chassis fan @ a fop32... closed l1 bridges & rebooted 7.5x136 1020 mhz ,,,,, worked out a few kinks & ran a 3200 benchmark score.....
very impressive board..... my temps are rock solid @ 35 degrees celsius

last month i built the same sys. with the kta2 & didnt
have near the success....awesome board in my mind...


Senior Member
Feb 13, 2001
Seems like all the EPOX boards out there do really well at 150, has anyone pushed them any further?
I didn't have much luck with mine, had it at 160, but got a few lock ups every hour or so. At 150 no problems at all, and at 155 one here and there.
Since I leave this machine on 24/7 doing [email protected], I can't risk a lockup.

Using Kingmax 150 right now.