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error code on 8K3A+

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Dec 14, 2001
Today I was switching cpus in my main rig to do some testing. When I put my 1600+ back in I got an error code 7F on the led display. I looked in the manual but I'm not really clear on what the error code stands for. I looked at the cpu and did not see any damage to the core. Ideas?
I will try that but do you think it would cause the system not to POST?
I am being optomistic, F7 on some motherboards is a floppy not connected, it would prevent the system from going past the post, to be honest I think the 'F7' you have refers to bad motherboard or processor, but like I said I am being optomistic...
I appreciate your optimism.:) I apologize if I came off rude or something but I'm just frustrated with this problem. I am trying your suggestions right now, thanks. As it is I will have to RMA this mobo because there is a leaky capacitator(brown stuff is all over the top).
Well turns out the AGP slot was dead. Thanks for your help ronin.:)
Hey, I'm actually having trouble with my computer too and I have the same board. I was wondering how you look for error codes in the LED display. I mean, the thing switches codes so quickly that I can't tell if I'm getting an error or not... Does the code stay locked on and not go to FF when there's an error, or do you have to catch it in POST? Does it beep?

RnPgrosz, what kind of problem were you having? Was your computer spontaneously rebooting? That's what my problem is. I've tried out a lot of stuff to fix it but I can't seem to figure it out. I've got a thread going called "I've got a big problem and I need your help!" in this forum if you want to take a look at what I've said.
Amino, the post codes that fly by are ones that checked out OK. When you have a problem the code it stops at is the one you need to lookup in the manual. Randum reboots can be caused by many things but I would start by looking at your PS. These boards are power hungry and a cheap PS wont cut it.
Tismedt said:

Bummer RnPgrosz, You said you had a leaky Capacitor also. Was that from something you did or did come that way?

I'm pretty sure the leaky cap was not my fault. I'm guessing they were defective caps like the ones on the Abit mobos. I don't know if the dead AGP slot was my fault or not but what I do know is these motherboards are made for overclocking and you pay extra for that so I will RMA it.