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Error Qcode D6 GPU died in new build and i have no idea why need help

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May 9, 2016
i built a new pc about 2 days ago with the following spec list

cpu: 6800k @4.4ghz 1.365v temps are fine all below at average around 70-75 on occt
Gigabyte G1 GAMING GeForce GTX 980 Ti
mobo: asus x99 strix
ram : corsair vengeance LPX Red DDR4 8x4gb @3000mhz
cooler: ek custom water loop (cpu only for now as i was tight on money)
psu: 850w evga supernova GS
case: H440 2015 edition

my gpu is the only part that was not brand new and came from my old computer and was only about 6 months old.
so i ran occt for 12 hours cpu was fine , i ran real bench for 1 hour everything was fine. so im pretty sure the cpu was stable. so i played league of legends for about 45 mins was fine and csgo for about 30 mins and was fine no issues. Then i played overwatch for about 30 mins and randomly the pc completely turned off. my asus board shows the qcode d6 and the gpu lights up and fans spin but i have no display. the gpu was not overclocked by me however it does cone factory overclocked and im pretty sure the temps were below 80 if i remember right as i had gpu-z on my other screen while i was playing. i tested the gpu in my old build and the gpu error led lights up and i have no display so im pretty sure the card died

i have warranty still and im going to RMA the card so that is not a issue but im scared to put the RMA card back in as i have no idea what caused it. the card is pretty close to the res and the 3rd fan is kinda blocked but temps were definitely below 80 so i don't know why temperature would be an issue, maybe it was just the gpu died but im just sceptical because i just built the pc so their must be a issue elsewhere that caused it

any ideas ?

thanks for reading and i will appreciate any help guys
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Double check you have no leaks in the block or fittings at the CPU.
I don't see any other reason off hand it would have died.
Just toss the new card in when it shows up.
I don't see any other reason off hand it would have died.
Just toss the new card in when it shows up.

card is RMAd hopefully getting it back next week. i was wondering do you think it could be the pc was drawing to much power ? 6800k @ 4.4 and the 980ti would boost to 1400mhz on its own.