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Ethernet camera to monitor garage?

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Dec 25, 2004
A while back I got a camera to try and figure out which cat had a grudge against a piece of furniture. About the time it arrived, we figured out which cat it was.

Well, I figured it would be good to mount in my garage to let me monitor my CNC router from in the house to see if it stalls or crashes without having to stay in the garage to monitor it for 10-15 hour programs.

Well, the manual says you have to use their phone app, and it has 2 ways to set it up. Scan a QR code on the camera with the phone app. I see no QR code and none of the numbers on the camera work with the phone app. The other is have the camera scan a QR code from the phone app. That doesn't work either. And while I can see the camera on the network, I can't find any software that will connect to the IP.

So. Any suggestions for a decent quality camera, that I can plug into my network (RJ-45), that I can monitor either from another computer from my network, or possibly my cell phone? Preferably for under $75. I don't want to buy another one that doesn't work.
We use a couple amcrest cameras that should fit the bill. I use TinyCam on my android phone to connect to it.
I use Arlo for my cameras. I run about 10 around my house including in my garage. They are wireless and battery operated but do have the option to hardwire power if you want. I generally get a couple months out of one charge depending on use. You could set it for motion when not monitoring and live feed when you want to watch it.
I don't own one, but I've read good things about the Wyse camera. Supposedly a good unit for very little money.
I have an older Arlo system with 5 1080p cameras & a base station. I think they have a newer option with cameras that don't require a base & connect directly to your wifi.
I originally installed a few Amcrest cameras...but after 2 firmware updates to fix "security holes" I lost a lot of confidence in their product. I use QNAP NAS devices, and they have a free camera app which worked pretty good for me.

I ended switching to UniFi cameras...love them. The only downside is that you have to use their UniFi Protect system with their cameras (i.e. they don't work with other systems). I do love the UniFi cameras and camera system though.
I don't own one, but I've read good things about the Wyse camera. Supposedly a good unit for very little money.

I've actually been using a pair of the V2 Wyze cameras for about a year and a half now and am impressed with them for the price. No crashes/lockups, image quality isn't terrible. The reason I didn't recommend them earlier is they're WiFi only, no hard line connection - not sure if that's a deal breaker.