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Ever heard of this one ? (problem)

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Apr 5, 2001
Slight problem i'm having since i've started o/c ing.
Every time i go in my bios to change either mult. fsb or voltage, whichever, and reboot, my screen resolution goes down to 640x480. Most of the time i cant change it back , for that matter i can't change it at all. Maybee 1 out of 10 i'll be able to change it, most times i have to reboot again and again before it's set back to 800x600. Very strange also very anoying...any ideas?????
When I go a step too far on the FSB, the same happens to me. Back off the FSB a step or two and see if that helps.

Have you any air moving across the video card? (not the cheesy factory fan)
If not , get a card cooler or cut a hole on the side of case to blow air on card.
Are you running the latest drivers for your card? That helped me w/ a similar problem.
Tks for the reply's fellas.
My fsb is default at 100
voodoo 5 5500

I have a case fan bellow in front of the case drawing air in....the voodoo card being so long ,it definitly gets cool air blown onto it. The card is also o/c at 182mhz.

According to your replies, i guess the voodoo is getting to hot???
Hey milk, try running the card at default speed, if the prob stops,the card is getting too hot. I stuck an old fan on my Voodoo and it is rock stable. Ususally if I push the proc alittle too far, my drivers won't load correctly and I have to back it off a bit and reboot, then all is good.