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"every trick in the book"

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Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Woohooo! My tax refund is in and I can buy my new toys at last.

Anyway, I've gone and got the ambition to throw "every trick in the book" and probably some that aren't at my new hardware to try and go 1.8-2G with air cooling with an XP1800. This is going to be on a KT266A board most likely, I'm looking at a chaintech 7VJDA on price, it will do 166FSB apparently.

This is kinda economy mod territory, so I'll mostly be trying to find bits in old hardware I've got and making some stuff up out of sheet and etc...

For a start, the CPU heatsink and fan combo isn't going to be the best, just a Volcano 6CU+, but, it's going to have a 92mm blowhole (or suckhole rather) either ducted straight onto it with the fan removed, or unducted in tandem with the installed fan. (Experimentation will determine best config) I will ground bond the sink (this little known trick suppresses self induced interference on K6-2s and can be good for 50mhz on them, dunno yet what it will do for an XP, let's hope) and make a copper shim, I will also try ground bonding that.

btw anyone got a link for a shim template for an XP?
The chaintech has a huge passive sink on the northbridge, I'll leave that on there as it is and put a 60mm fan on. Yep, that will get ground bonded too.

Next up the voltage regs, these are scattered a bit haphazardly on the chaintech, and they might just get a small passive sink each or in pairs.

Now, I'm possibly going to be bumbling along with my old voodoo 3 PCI for a while, but it looks like the GPU in the AGP slot, the northbridge and CPU could all be fighting each other for air, so I am probably going to be adding some baffles to try and duct the airflow a little. This is possibly where I decide to ditch the 92mm blowhole and put a 120 in LOL.

The RAM, I'm probably not going to worry about, since I think I'll get DDR333, though I'll keep airflow over it.

Backside cooling;
Now I've got some "ideas" about backside cooling, a recent article on the mainsite showed a CPU temp drop of 7C just with a fan blowing the back of the board. I am going to try and put a lowish profile super 7 style sink on the back of the CPU socket pins, with rubber thermal interface pads to electrically isolate it. I will clip the pins down to better accomplish this. Also going to try passive sinks on any large areas of ground plane on the back of the board, or I will shim them to the baseplate in the case. The active cooling on the back here I will experiment with, I will try both a regular fan on the CPU back sink and a blowhole mount.

As far as airflow management of the case is concerned, I think I am going to try for a kind of spiral/centrifugal flow. In at the sides and out at the back top and front bottom.

Graphics cooling will be considered at a later date. Meanwhile I'll replace the 486 fan I had on the voodoo's GPU and maybe add some ramsinks to it, could get an extra few Mhz out of it yet.

It's going to be hard waiting though. I figure I have to burn everything in at stock for a couple of weeks.

I don't think I'll need to cool the clockchip, I might put a passive sink on the southbridge if it seems it is getting warm due to o/c'ed PCI.

I am doing some thinking about making aluminum baffle plates that will serve to direct airflow, stop fans churning warm air back in the top, and will also act as extra heatsink area. They will fit between the fan and the sink and therefore require lapping the *top* of the heatsink to fit them close. It's kinda hard to describe what I have in mind. Might be kinda hard to draw too. I'll see if I am in the mood later and try sketching it.

So, any aircooling tricks that I might have missed that might work well with what I'm thinking about so far???

Ummm apart from a Hoot chute :D

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