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Everything = PSU ?

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Mar 9, 2001
A work in progress...........

· AMD Thunderbird 266 AXIA 1GHZ @ 1400
(cpu load temp. 44-46)
· Abit KT7A-Raid
· Global Win FOP38
· Copper Shim
· Artic Silver II
· Liquid Metal Kit (instead of a pencil kit)
· 512 megs Crucial SDram 133 cl2
· Thermaltake Ram Heatsinks
· Vantec Color Rounded Cables
· Caviar 7.5 (old) striped
· Western Digital 7.8 (old) striped
· IBM 3.1 (old) not striped
· ATI Radeon 64 DDR
· Audigy X Gamer
· Netgear NIC
· US Robotics Fax Modem
· Standard 3.5 Floppy
· Iomega 100 Zip Drive
· Iomega 2GB Tape Back-up
· Creative 52x Cdrom
· Acer 10x8x32 CDRW
· Microsoft Intelli-point Explorer Wireless Optical Mouse
· Standard Mini Tower PC Case (old)(fully modded case)
· Antec 300 watt Power Supply
· 3 Sunon 80mm (50cfm)
· 1 Sunon 120mm (100cfm)
· 17” IBM Aptiva Monitor (old)
· 4 Standard Speakers (old)
(2 cheap monitor speakers & 2 really cheap satellites)
· IBM Aptiva Keyboard
· Belkin 2 Channel KVM Switch
· Netgear 4 Port Hub
· Epson C60 CMYK Printer
· Surfboard Cable Modem (Comcast Cable)
· Windows NT4
· Windows Me

Thats everything............

MASSIVE problems lately.........3 days.........
The wife left my baby (computer), on the other nite in a HUNG mode (stuck on a boot, with a none boot disk in the floppy drive), I found it like this when I got home from work.......at 1am..so.....it was like that for at least 4hrs....
Had a really hard time getting it started ( had to lower it down to 1.33 and it finally started)
NOW, I've been worried about this one thing for quite sometime......PSU is a 300watt ANTEC.....is this technically a nuff power for the amount of things in my computer.....
I looked in HWFAQ's and found ( add all your watts together and mine is 325watts of stuff ( thats why the LIST ) then multiple by 1.5 and don't get near 70% of that #.
Well, 325 x 1.5 =487 ( is this the PSU that I need)
Sounds REALLY high for what I have, and compaired to what other people have.....so I just bought a ENERMAX 431watt I hope this would be enuff....I can't believe that it wouldn't be.........
Or did somebody ( my wife ) BURN up an AXIA 1ghz?

Lastnite I got to check my totals of 3and5 on the 300watt Antec = 160 watt ( low rite?)
The Enermax 431 is = 240 (on it's way in the mail)

Everythings OK now, back up to 1402 ( no problems!!!)
(3 days later)
BTW some great threads on PSU's!!! Thanks for an EDUCATION!