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EVGA 1000GQ Psu

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Oct 11, 2002
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Well I've been rocking this 1000w psu from EVGA for a few weeks with my Zotact 1070 AMP! Extreme and then with the 1080Ti Hybrid with zero issues. Upgrade the video card to a 3080 FTW3 Hydro Copper and the Psu craps the bed. Thought is was a driver issue making my games crash to desktop. DDU drivers, Fresh new other drivers installed with the same problem. I reset the clocks to stock, no joy.

I had my spare Evga Supernova 850GA, so I swapped Psu's and installed the 850. Waddya know, rock steady stable. Got RMA approval from Evga. Hopefully I won't get another GQ unit. Guess this line doesn't do well with transient spikes. Found it odd as these units are FSP made.
Question for ya.
Is your AC supplied thro a UPS?
Nope. From the wall to a Monster HTS3600MKII surge protector and to the rig
Well, that sucks. But, I'm sure the next one will be fine. These aren't A1 units, but they aren't trash either.
Yeah, I kinda figured that. Hopefully Evga will sent a good replacement.
Two good takeaways from this post.

1. Your PSU didn't take anything else out with it. (Very thoughtful of it really)

2. EVGA is honoring the warranty.

P.S. I know it's anecdotal but my 850 GQ has been running 24/7 at up to 85% load for over 2 years straight now without a hiccup. IMHO they are solid units.

Just got an email from EVGA stating they shipped out my RMA replacement. I do hope they didn't ship out another GQ model. I will be highly upset.

Another thing: I just found my res leaking yesterday, so my main rig is down until I reseal it. On my chromebook for now.
That's on you... there would be no reason to be upset Neb!!! Bad luck, not a bad platform. ;)
Yeah, I know, but if this particular unit has issues, why would EVGA send a duplicate? Wouldn't it be better if they sent a different model instead? Welp, I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope the unit they shipped wether duplicate or other model will work as it should. I'll worry about it when it doesn't.
Yeah, I've looked up a few tests and it shows its not one of their Super Flower units, lol. Loosey goosey all around.

Maybe it's worth going up a tier in quality and down a notch or two in wattage? Not sure what your plans are.. folding for t32?!!

I'm running 850W Seasonic with a 450w gpu and 12900k. There was a 750 in there that got moved to another machine. A quality 850W should handle any single video card and cpu. Something to think about for the future. Hopefully after the new unit's warranty!

Got the replacement PSU today. Another 1000GQ :rolleyes: . Not even gonna bother using it. Imma sell it and use the funds to get a different unit.

Sad part is, it isn't even new. Shows clear signs of a used unit :mad:

I mean, it's not a damn PowMax, Neb, lol...

You better get some Seasonic Platinum from the way you're talking, lol! No more than 850W... if I can run a 12900K and 3090Ti on my 850W unit, surely you can go 750W.

Bam - https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-focus-plus-750-platinum-ssr-750px-750w/p/N82E16817151191

or.... get the SF model EVGAs... they are awesome.

... and on sale cheap. You aren't going to get a better unit for those prices.
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I know Joe, but dam EVGA's RMA rules and regulations state they will not accept a power supply for RMA if it has been damaged/altered in any way, yet they shipped this thing to me. Now if I return it for RMA, there is a real good chance they will reject it because of it's current condition. Any little scuff or scratch one of them bozo's sees is an excuse to reject the RMA. @#&*^!
It may be in the RMA TOS that you get a refurb. You may want to read up on that and how an RMA is warranted (mountains you describe are likely mole hills). That said, email them back and let them know you got a refurb'd unit and send pics with it. This way, if you have to RMA that unit, it's already on record the condition it came in. They'll should also tell you if that was supposed to happen...as of now, not sure you're certain how it works and just fluffed (understandable... but find out to see if you should be). :)

Anyway, note my links..... I know EVGA isn't high on your list, but you'll rarely see a deal like that on those SF Platinum PSUs. 10 year warranty... a quality PSU instead of overpowered MEH.
Yup, already shot off an email to them with pics. The issue I'm having is they rant about this particular thing, yet have the balls to ship this exact crap out as replacement. I'm gonna steer clear of EVGA's power supplies.

Looking at Seasonic's units now. Thanks for the links.
The issue I'm having is they rant about this particular thing, yet have the balls to ship this exact crap out as replacement.
It's OK, my dog still runs when I flip open a newspaper! Hopefully, communication and expectation setting will calm your nerves. :)

Keep us posted!
Real funny about your dog Joe.

Got a reply. They state: "Thanks for reaching out. EVGA will only replace with a new in box replacement within 30 days of purchase and you were sent a factory recertified product."

If I want another replacement I'll have to ship this one back on my dime. (well, another $50 anyways) which I will not do. I'm already in the hole for $50. No more EVGA power supplies for me. Done.
Awesome. The refurb RMA unit was supposed to happen. Glad that's clear.

Check on RMA processes since that's important to you. Some companies will give you shipping labels, others on your dime. Some cross ship, others don't... All good stuff to know (and not expect to be let down at a later date).
Dude that bites. Contact EVGA again and state that this replacement is not only cosmetically damaged but cannot power the system properly. Don't forget to mention that you have a different EVGA model that is 150w less and powers the system fine. Ask them to explain themselves there. What wattage rating system are they using?

Rattle the cage enough and you could get a new GQ or a different series. Also mention that you shouldn't be forced to pay shipping again for their faulty refurb.

And buy Corsair in the future.:nuts:

I have bought a few EVGA W1s for low-end systems. I have pushed them and they work fine.

But I buy Corsair for the higher-end systems.