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eVGA 7800GT & eVGA Nforce4 SLI MB & Quake 4 for $330

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Dec 27, 2002
reno, nevada
hoho220 said:
Great find d94... Do you really stay up to date on slick deals and fatwallet?? You are the guru of finding great deals. Also how well does this motherboard overclock? What is the maximum amount of voltage on the ram, and cpu?

The CPU can go very high. I ran mine at 1.66 for a short time trying to see if my chip was at its limit. It still had more adjustments I believe.
As for the RAM it goes to 3.25 BUT at 3.05 mine actually puts out 3.12 and very stable.
While at 3.25 it actually outputs 3.55 WOW hahahahaa.
Thats nice though since I am still running the old Winbond BH-5s.
I read where that these boards all overvolt slightly on the RAM on those last two settings. Mine is the highest I have heard of though.

Also For OPTERON support I have run a 146 and a 148 in mine and it had no problems. Its actually the only A64 chips I have ever owned so if it would have had problems I would have been up the creek.

I will look at the CPU adjustments again and see what the top on it was.
I do know that at 1.66 I was on the edge of my seat. I dont hink I would ever give any of the modern chips more than that. Well at least not until I figure out how to mount my Prommy on this board, hahahaa.

Oh ya also for side notes.
I have had my board at over 330htt, was not topped just started working the CPU higher at that time. Right now my 146 is at 3019 and is all day stable 24-7 at 1.45 vcore. I think it has more in it but I stopped messing with it.
I had tried a DFI Infinity (plain) SLI and that thing was jacked up and ended up switching back. So I just got it at a comfortable speed and left it.

I havent tried out the SLI yet as one of my 6600s was bunk and is being RMAed to the egg.

Anyway for free its an awesome board and I bought mine for $75 here in the classies from a member. I would do it again as its an easy board to use seems VERY stable and VERY fast.

One thing though.
95% or better of these boards dont like 1t timings above 250.
So you might have to run your RAM divided if you need 1T. Supposedly they are working on a BIOS to fix this as Im sure the biggest complaint they get is about that timing issue.

Thats really the only thing Ive seen that might stear people away but I think it will get fixed soon.

Oh ya also it has the real good Japanese Caps on it so no worries about leaks or pops etc.

Man I need a new vid card and I could use another mobo if I build a HTPC with it.

I might maybe talk my girl into allowing me to spend some more money, LOL.




New Member
Aug 4, 2004

I was thinking about getting this deal from newegg since my 9800XT broke. I was wondering if the motherboard has locks on it? I am upgrading from the AMD promo last year (Newcastle 3200+ & K8VSE DX) and really would like to do some mild overclocking.


Jan 15, 2004
Seattle, WA
DeViL_909 said:
This still available anywhere?

The deal is still available at newegg.com at a higher price though: $379. I'm thinking if its worth it to buy for me as I have X800XT PE's working for me so far...


$30 a phone
Sep 26, 2004
LogRus said:
The deal is still available at newegg.com at a higher price though: $379. I'm thinking if its worth it to buy for me as I have X800XT PE's working for me so far...
i wouldnt
you can get a 7800gt used for about $260 and the mobo supplied certainly isnt worth $120 especially if you can choose to spend that 120 on any mobo :p