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EVGA Classified 3x SLI E760 and Xeon W3690 on air

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Jul 31, 2005
I installed the Scythe/Thermalright Copper on my Gigabyte X58A-OC with the W3690. The 38mm fan width interfered with the motherboard ram slots as well as the tall heatsinks on my G.Skill Trident kit... So I mounted it on the opposite side blowing air out towards the dram kit. The fan was hooked up directly to my power supply 12 volt peripheral via either a 3pin 5v adapter (not so loud and running slower rpms) or a 3 pin 12v adapter (very loud ~3000rpm). The fan is rated @ ~.60 amp.

I could deal with the noise of the slower 5v adapter but the full 12v 3000rpm speed is too noisy for me for daily use but okay/tolerable for benching.

W3690 X58A-OC 4.26GHz DDR3 2030C8 AIDA CPU/FPU stress 5v fan:

W3690 Gigabyte X58A-OC 4.26GHz DDR3 2030C8.PNG

W3690 X58A-OC 4.26GHz DDR3 2030C8 AIDA stress (no FPU) 5v fan:

W3690 Gigabyte X58A-OC 4.26GHz DDR3 2030C8 No FPU.PNG

W3690 X58A-OC 4.4GHz DDR3 1920C8 AIDA CPU/FPU stress 12v fan:

W3690 Gigabyte X58A-OC 4.4GHz DDR3 1920C8.PNG


I don't know about spending additional $$ or $$$ on water cooling for your setup? Might be better off to just run air and shoot for an ~4.2GHz overclock. Save the money and think about upgrading to a current Ryzen/Intel platform.
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Jan 6, 2020
Like a dummy I didn't measure my Coolermaster (and fans) and apparently was looking at the specs for the one on my wifes PC which was the last Coolermaster CPU cooler I had ordered. Well, I ordered a pair of Corsair ML120's thinking it was a quick swap of fans for now...alas...I should have just gone ahead and bought a Noctua NH D15 and called it done. On that note maybe I can find a use for these, or just send them back and order some better high end cooler. Can't find a way to mount the 120's on this one because it's using 90's and one side of each fan butts up to some of the raised cooling fins. Heck I can't even find the model number for this one so any recommendations would be good!