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FRONTPAGE EVGA launches X570 Dark Motherboard for AMD Ryzen

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Nov 1, 1998
Yesterday, EVGA launched the X570 Dark E-ATX motherboard for AMD's Ryzen CPUs. This marks EVGA's first AMD motherboard since the Athlon 64 era (yes, it really HAS been that long!). The EVGA website lists the board for $689.99. While this is a high price point, we feel there will be more than a few enthusiasts willing to pay for this rare overclocking beast. The X570 Dark incorporates unique features such as a rotated socket and DIMM slots as well as 90° connectors for the ATX, EPS, and SATA connectors which helps with cable management. It also features two-way SLI capability (rare on AMD platforms), dual Intel 2.5 Gigabit NICs, and eight fan headers (2x 3A Pump, 2x CPU PWM, & 4x PWM/DC). For more details please continue reading EVGA's official press release below.

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Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
I guess it's not a surprise anymore as the news about releasing it was out for some months :D
I will back to my thoughts from other threads. Somehow too late ... X570 is on the market for over 2 years already. If it was released a year ago then I would buy it. There is still a problem with Z590 Dark released some months ago. In the EU it's not available at all, even FTW is not available and soon will be the next generation. With AMD is better as the next-gen will be in a year so the X570 Dark has a chance to sell better.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Woomack, you keep tooting that 'too late' horn, lol. I toot back disagreeing. :p

While I don't see the point of these X570S (or any new X570) boards as an upgrade, there are those are buying into X570 new still and will do so for several months. There's also the iterative processor update from AMD too. Anyway, the boards have a chance to compete with the newer intel boards adding Wi-Fi 6E, the latest audio codec, and most beef up the VRMs. The platform has been out so long that it missed out on these 'features'. Granted, few need more than Wi-Fi 6, and most don't care about the latest and greatest audio codec, but if you look at the ecosystem(s) as a whole, the AMD platform is older with older hardware. For those who care about that stuff and need all the lanes, it's available.

As a business.... should I get some sales (and in EVGA's case, introduce myself to the market), or none?

That said, it's a money grab too, no doubt. But there is a purpose and plenty of time to sell. In EVGA's case, they get to put a "first" board out on an mature established platform so they can test the waters a bit before Zen 4. With Z690, they'll get a chance to play with DDR5 and that knowledge trickles into Zen4 boards.

There's a problem with availability... sure, otherwise, it was one of the more stable launches in my limited experience. EVGA has improved over the last couple of releases IMO.


Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
Yes. ... but I wasn't the only one ;) That's why I added that the X570 has a chance to sell as there is still some time till the next AMD generation.
Intel Z590 was already a fail at the beginning as many manufacturers were designing Z690 motherboards when in stores appeared Z590 (and we can see that many Z590 have no BIOS updates almost since the premiere). So in this case I also couldn't get why there is Z590 Dark, released with a huge delay compared to other brands with high OC series motherboards.
For me, it's weird when any brand releases top models at the end of the life of any chipset. I bet that many more users would move to EVGA X570 if there was a widely available FTW for 40% less as it's usually the price difference. I still don't get why EVGA availability in the EU is nearly not existing. It's not only for graphics cards but generally everything. So EVGA products nowadays are available only in North America (or highly overpriced via 3rd party sellers).

I'm not saying that EVGA is bad in any way. I actually like EVGA products and I have X299 Dark which I bought quite late but because there was a 50% promo ;) The only problem is with the release dates of more interesting products for me and general availability.
I still wish to review something from their offer and EU marketing was always ignoring my requests.