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Expand (+16g) or new (+32)?

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Dec 7, 2013
I have been into Cities Skylines but when I get many sims in my city, it starts to bog down to the point of being unplayable. I read that C:S can use up to 32G RAM so I am thinking that might be my issue.

My question - in your opinion, should I add 2x8g more of the TridentZ that I already have for $120 or I should spend a bit more and get different RAM altogether - if so please make a recommendation.

Money is not the issue, I just don't want to waste it (common sense > flashy crap) meaning I don't want to pay a for a performance boost that only appears on paper.

The rig is in my sig and thanks in advance.
Personally I would pick up another 2x8GB kit of Trident Z 16-16-16-36 since it is still available. CL16 at DDR4-3600 still the sweet spot for Ryzen.

The only exception I can think of is if you have another DDR4 rig with only 8GB. You could move the 2x8GB into it & get a 2x16GB kit for the system in your sig.
I checked my other PC and it's DDR3. Glad I asked though, thank you.
As JK said I would just add another 16 GB of the same RAM. I would also take a look at optimizing the system for the game. I wasn't familiar with CS but a quick search shows many people with the same problem. It appears CS will use pretty much all the memory you have available. There were two recommendations I saw coming up, reducing texture quality and setting a 32 GB page file on a fast drive.
^ I would say go for the extra 16gb. You already have a great system that will last 3+ years (cpu+mb+gpu) so the “cherry on top” would be the additional 16gb of memory. Your biggest recommendation you will get is that they both are the same maker, model, and timings as the original 16gb for best proformance.