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Expanding BlOrb heatplate using Thermal Resin only?

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Kent, UK
After deciding against welding my BlOrb (too much hassel according to my engineer mate). I have been trying to come up better ways of expanding the overly-small heatplate. I have seen the copper bottomed Orb, from the front page.

I was wondering about building up a layer of Thermal Epoxy to square-off the overly small base, to make full contact with my Gf2 chip. It would be lapped afterwards, naturally.

I'm just wondering about the feasibility, and cooling properties of such a move...

All help appreciated in advance.
Yeah, sounds ok but it'd better be just to square-off the sides and not as a base to the BLOrb. But I think it'll be cheaper (ie. spare the use of AS epoxy) if you just let it be or use an old pentium heatsink -heck, use an old socket P3 heatsink!