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Export / Import users? (2012 R2 server essentials)

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Aug 18, 2002
I have a, rather tiny, setup that i wanted to remake, into a pair of VM's, so that i'm a tiny bit more flexible, if the hardware ever craps out.
The learn as you go approach also means there is a few configuration"things" i would do differently if i set the system up today, as compared to the install that is actually running.
Since it's actually a business critical system, i don't quite have the luxury of shutting it down, and starting over. With my grasp of how 2012 R2 works, that is easily a week in configuration time, and the most i'd actually get is a 3 day weekend.
So, setting it up at home, and, once the configuration is where i want it, shut it down, and bring it on to a USB drive for transfer, make fresh backups, in case i screw up, and blow it all in to the system, with no real change for the network users. But, to do that, i need to export the current users, user rights, preferably user settings for the local machine, (Pretty much, who has what icons on their desktop, and what wallpaper do they use.) and where their folders are.

It is, as i said, a quite tiny setup, with just 12 users created, and very few basic group-policies, so if need be i can recreate the stuff, i have it documented, since i pretty much knew from the getgo that i would have to redo stuff, over and over, until i got it right, but i have no idea what passwords the users have, and i have no desire to know, or force them to set new ones. It's taken me almost 2 years just to no longer have to let them reset their password, and i'm finally at the point where they all know what password they have. I'm not about to start over.
Pretty please. Tell me there is a "easy" way to export a user, and import them on the new system.