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Jun 21, 2015
just got myself a set of the GSP500's and I need a recommendation for like the best mid-high tier EXTERNAL (or AMP/DAC) soundcard

I used the Asus PHOEBUS SOLO since late 2013 paired with PC360's and it was nutty.
but now the reason for my need for external/portable device is because Im playing on a LENOVO Y540 Laptop, so I need it external and USB-type of connection.

Now, My main uses are FPS games (CS:GO only currently), and Music (lots of it)

the games I play are usually competitive FPS **SO I DO NOT NEED SOME GIMMICKY 7.1 vss**

I prefer a quality soundcard/amp/dac that will be able to run my GSP's solely on stereo @ their max potential/SQ, as I was fully convinced a few years back that a quality stereo setup is always light years ahead this whole virtualization that many many people throw their money on.

**my only request about the device is I would prefer it to include a microphone jack as well, I kinda dont wanna deal with mod-mics , and I already know that Sennheiser makes pretty nice microphones on their headsets, the mic on the PC360 was amazing, and the one on the GSP500 is even better from what I've read and saw**


dBa Member
Mar 1, 2013
Take a look at USB-C DACs for smartphones. There has been a lot of development in the chips used in those and the good ones are exceptional with audio quality.
Dec 13, 2005
I'm still liking my little Schiit stack for games/music - a Modi MB and Magni 2 Uber. I suspect the newer versions are good as well.

But since you want a mic input (and possibly something bus powered for portability), I've been eyeing their Hel gaming DAC/Amp to replace my Fiio E07K as a mobile DAC but don't have any first hand experience.