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External UHD drive suggestions

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Dec 13, 2005
Because I haven't spent enough this week...

Currently I've got an internal LG Bluray burner from way back when, so far it's good to me but it doesn't read UHD. In my journey to build a "High Def Movie collection" I grabbed a few UHD/Bluray/DVD combo packs and now that I actually have a nice TV, might as well use it. I've looked before, and didn't have have much luck. Most drives I'm finding are only circumstantial claims not backed by the manufacturer or they get iffy reviews.

My only real requirement is I prefer it to be external, bus powered slim drive if possible. When it's not hooked up to my desktop it'll be with my HTPC, and having Medusa's toaster sitting in the TV stand is a huge turn off. Like landing a date with Mila Kunis but she only agrees if Ashton can tag along.

It doesn't need to be a burner, but looks like most will write to at least DVDs/HD Blurays. Having some sort of UHD playback software is a plus but not necessary - haven't tried playback in VLC yet but if it still isn't supported, that's easy enough to pick up seperate.
I don't think it's really going to matter here... it's an optical drive that you just need UHD playback for right?
Yup. Figured a USB drive gives me more flexibility than a standalone player, and I've got a few PCs that don't have internal drives anyway.
Any one you get will burn. Just check B&H and newegg. I got mine from b&h. Aluminum housing usb3 and will play anything and burn it too up to 100GB discs. One World Computing is the namebrand I have but there are some nice slim ones that might work like you want. Tbqh, mine is heavy, but I only bought it because it will be used so little I refused to get an internal. And yes it uses a power cord dongle. The usb3 is data only. I bought it in case I needed one. Not because I wanted to play discs. That's what hd's are for. My neighbor has a WALL of disc media begging to be ripped. Waste of space imo.
Anyone still own a laserdisc player?
That's the thing - both Newegg and B&H bundle UHD and non-UHD Bluray drives together but I'll look around...

Update - figured I'd make it known this thread is still live.

Picked up an Asus drive locally earlier today - model SBW-06D2X-U - and even though it is marked as BDQL/BDXL ready, can't read UHDs. Still open to ideas.
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