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extreem underclocker

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New Member
Feb 1, 2002
Sacramento CA
Hello everyone just wanted to tell you I am succesfully underclocked at [email protected] with my new xp1800.

Yea isnt that great! HA HA

Anyway my chip wont run at 133fsb@default and to top that off I downloaded WCUPID and it sais it is a Athlon MP .

Question if my chip is improperly unlocked would this problem arise? My unlock job was done under a microscope with 0ohm resistors, looks great so whats the problem.
it could be your just got some other bridges in the process, because i know there is a bridge you can connect on the athlon xps that make them think they are mps, i donno, maybe cleaning off the unlocking job and trying again would help
The xp 1800+ runs at 1,53GHz

Congrats on the UNDERclocking, though it seems you're in the wrong forum. Try underclockers.com instead, cause this is OVERclockers.com's forum.Glad to help you out.


AthlonMPs and XPs are very similar - they both use the palamino core. Its nothing to worry about IMHO.