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extreme surface area

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Jan 5, 2002
i got some designs for extreme surface area cross drilled waterblock, ill make this in about 3-4weeks and any of you can steal my design if you want to, but this would use most of the block! and a good design

the block itself is 1/4in thick 2x3in
the holes are 1/8in diameter and .1875in apart

the holes on top are whatever size you want them to be

you would have to plug the holes before drilling the 4 mounting holes... and this would work great becuase of some turbulation around the corners and a lot of surface area....

and i always wanted a very small block (thin) and this would be a great one

Looks good! Might be tough drilling through the 1/4" copper so use a lot of cutting fluid/oil. I was thinking of making another block my self with the multiple flow paths but I'd pobably drill holes through the plate and then solder on a top and bottom plate.


BTW how'd the other block turn out?
if your talkin about the plex block, it crapped out because of the crappy glu, so i used that copper plate and took the bottom of a popcan and drilled 2 holes in it and JBwelded it to the copper
i dont know the temps because the diode on the motherboard sucks! it tells me faulse temps...but i do know that the temps are around 3c in delta! wich is rally good, and my elbows on my rad are causing a extreme flow restriction so im workin on something so rite now i got a hsf on athlon