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Extremely hot i9 9900k

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May 19, 2011
Amsterdam, Holland
I use an offset for vcore which puts it at 1.288v max for 4.9Ghz non avx when stressing with prime95 v266. Temps are between 82 and 85°C. Cinebench R20 runs at 4.8Ghz AVX which shows roughly the same vcore or slightly less. Going higher clocks (especially AVX) sees my temps into the 90's. Realbench goes 80°C. max. at 4.8 Ghz avx.
I also found at auto it throttles way too much, setting some limits in bios to max removes that, so at a tweaked auto setting I get boosts to 5Ghz reported on all cores (not at the same time though) but it sticks at 4.7Ghz in games, on all cores. With vcore on auto it goes 1.32v max according to hwinfo. That's because of the 5Ghz boosts. AVX wont go 5Ghz though on auto setting. The LLC is finicky on my board, At auto it behaves good, but when manually set at 6 or higher I get blue screens. 5 is stable. I tried LLC 4 with a slightly higher offset and it's stable also. Apparently there are some micro bursts or spikes that hwinfo or any other program can't register, causing instability or bluescreen.
But since temps remain the same, and reported vcore is the same also, I keep it at 5.
You need a krakenx72 or an even better custom cooling solution for 5+Ghz all cores on this chip.
Anyway, I tried a fixed vcore first but that isn't working as it should on my board, offset works good though, just have to find the correct value to get to the required vcore when stressing.
For the rest I used the yt video from der8auer that uses the maximus XI, except for the vcore setting which is an offset in my case. I don't use adaptive, crashes my system and i can't figure it out anyway, nor does it seems to be needed.
Bios version is 1302, I'm not confident 1401 improves anything. For gaming 5.0Ghz is decent with avx 2, but still sees higher temps upto 80°C, and that's with nowadays games that don't utilize all cores to the full potential. The fps difference is minimal to none compared to 4.9/4.8 ghz.
On a side note, in AI Features I once disabled the cooler efficiency and that also removed throttling. This was on the original bios though, and since I still don't know if it's usefull or not I have it enabled and other settings adjusted to prevent throttling.
You should at least get 4.7Ghz all cores avx included below 1.25v and have temps around 60°C in games with the NH-D15.