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Eyefinity & Different Resolutions?

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Nov 29, 2002
I have been looking around the web for a couple additional 24" monitors to augment my current 24" Ultrasharp Dell.

There seems to be an absolute dearth of 24" monitors that have 1920x1200 resolutions and thin bezels, that are reasonably priced. (My dell ultrasharp is selling for $640+tax+s/h so I am not paying an additional $1300+ for 2 more monitors)

My question has to with Eyefinity support while using monitors with different resolutions.

To the point, would eyefinity work with the following setup?

(1) 1920x1080 + (1) 1920x1200 + (1) 1920x1080

I cannot seem to locate the answer in the eyefinity documentation I found.


Oct 11, 2005
"We also asked AMD if the EyeFinity tech could cope with monitors with different resolutions and sizes, and received an affirmative – which means that you could begin to add monitors as and when you like, including re-using old ones."

http://www.techradar.com/news/gaming/hands-on-ati-eyefinity-review-634244 First google link. So I guess it is a yes :)

It will probably scale your center monitor to 1920x1080 though...unless you just want 3 monitors hooked up and not in stretch mode (5760x1080 gaming). If that is what you are after, maybe sell you 1920x1200 and get 3 1080p monitors...


Oct 14, 2001
am running two monitors myself (see sig) and you can set the resolution to whatever you want for either one, assuming that monitor supports that rez......would love to get another monitor and set each one on each side of the 42" big screen, would be interesting........HOWEVER, at least one monitor has to have a "display port" in order to run eyefinity with 3 monitors......


Jul 7, 2003
New Hampshire, USA.
Looks like there's an adapter for display port to DVI.


I actually didn't realize a DP was required for 3, so that's good to know.

Now that I started reading up on Eyefinity, I'm kinda excited. I have two 1280x1024 monitors in portrait mode and a 1920x1200, so I could run all 3 in 3968x1200 for games and not waste any resolution on the large monitor.
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