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Factory Air Holes in Cases - Cover or leave Open ?

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Apr 16, 2001
hey im a newb installing some fans on my case and i think i remember reading something about the extra venting holes that come on the cases

my case has quite a bit and i was wondering if that would hurt airflow or anything

i got two 80mm and two 120 mm fans and my case is rather midsized

and if i should cover them, how should it be done?

I'm not sure what you mean by "cover them". Don't do anything that would impede airflow but if you are talking about fan guards to protect fingers, pets, etc. definately put those on.
no i mean like, block them off, because i got 2 intake and 2 exhaust, so the airflow will be good, but if im losing a noticeable amount, i was just wondering what to do

and the holes are like, the size of this --> O

so i dont need a guard ehe

definently cut those suckers out then get a fan guard or just leave that open. Those holes are taking up to 75% of the power from your fans
I think he is talking about all the little perforated slots in the side covers that help with a convection current right? There is no reason to cover these up just leave them be.
I always cover all the little holes and extra openings in my case in the side, front and the back. All I try to have open in my case is where the fans are. Two in the front for intake and 1 plus the psu in back for exhaust. It always seems to drop my case temp a bit. as there is more of a nice gush of air going from the front to the back.

But the main reason I cover them up on the side is cause of my peltier. I have my alpha sucking the hot air off of the HSF. And the hot air was blowing out the vent holes in the side and some of that heat was coming back around the front and being sucked back in the case. So that illiminated that problem. :)
I agree with bdf24! There "IS" a principle of flow! With air and with water. Example: Those thin tube, water stripping thingys used to wash away dirt on buildings or clean cars...small long tubes increase pressure! A case with holes all over the place loses "FLOW". I have yet to build my recent custom pc...as done in the past. I am working with a new generic 300w case...but holes are abundant and I know the "FLOW" is hindered. We must concentrate the "FLOW"! In and OUT! Maybe even right over the CPU...pvc tubing and stuff! Even the "FANS" we use "ARE NOT" designed for optimal "FLOW". Their design is "FLAWED"! They are wide "OPEN"!

And stuff!


By covering the extra "decorative" or unnecessary holes, you gain more control of air circulation, and you also eliminate added sources of dust contamination.