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Fan Behind Proc. really help?

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Feb 23, 2001
Here is my current setup:
AMD [email protected] (9x133) Idle:71F Load:115F System:66-72F
384 PC-133 Crucial CAS3
Now here is my cooling:
**FOP32-1 w/Arctic Silver(Doesn't work because clip broke, currently using intel retail clip that doesn't have enough force)
**2 80mm in front pulling in
**2 slot coolers in back pulling out
**2 120mm sunnon 69cfm side of case pointed at cards&proc
**Twin Turbo Exhaust system 2 90mm fans pulling out the top
**Power supply fan

Finally, to my question: With all my current cooling, would an additional 60mm fan behind the proc help lower cpu temperatures? Thanks
I would think that a fan on the back side of a processor would help a little. Would not hurt anything, and it sounds like you have enought fans to remove the extra heat out of the case.
Id say have a go at it.
Cooling the back of the motherboard will fool your temp sensor but is not going to do much for the CPU die temp. Think about the path the heat must follow for it to do any good. Going from the ceramic plate the CPU die is mounted on, through the pins into the socket, mounted on a board is just not an efficient way to remove the heat. It won’t make much if any difference it the actual CPU core temp. Try this on an Intel system with a diode in the CPU to measure the real core temp and you will see what I mean.