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Fan config

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Nov 20, 2007
So I'm running my ninja 4 with 2 noctua fans. The fan that's pulling in right in front of my rear exhaust fan. My question is, would I be better off moving the fan pulling on the ninja to the rear exhaust spot cause my rear fan doesn't move much air. I fell like I'm just dumping hot air into my case. And I have a fan on the top of my case but that's right above my ninja. Not much space in the case I have, it's a corsair carbide spec-01.
Ok you missed the point of the question. My rear case fan is a less powerful fan than the ones on my heatsink. And the rear fan is right behind my second fan on my heatsink, my question was would I be better off putting my second heatsink fan in the rear case fan spot.
Keep the better fans on the heatsink
Some of the air will vent out the top

You can also just test this yourself if there is a difference in cpu, gpu, temps
Take out you electronics. Take a pair of tin snips. Cut out the rear "grill." Line the edges with the plastic backs of cheap report covers, Trim to fit. Then don't bother with a rear grill. Instead, you'll use the pull fan on the Ninja 4 to exhaust the case. Works.