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Fan controller suggestions

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Mar 13, 2011
Chaparral, New Mexico
I am looking for a fan controller for 3 pin fans that can be controlled in windows and not externally controlled. As far as I know there are only 2 ways of doing this currently.

1. Phanteks pwn fan controller, this uses pmw control so it can be adjusted in windows but the controller adjusts DC volts to the 3 pin fans. From the reviews I have seen the major complaint is very little variation in control when only a few fans are connected. The more fans connected the better the variation of control. From my understanding as well, you want yo use the same fans, or maybe they just need to be similar speeds as the rpm is only displayed from one fan.

If I had 6 ap15's, would I in fact just need similar rpm fans to keep the control variation were it should be or is there something else to consider? I do plan on installing an additional 3 or 4 case fans. Also it is rated at 1 amp which would easily run x12 ap15s, but the startup amps from x12 is above 2 amps I believe. Would that be an issue?

2. The nzxt grid v2+, uses propitery software to control fan controller. I havevread the software is horrible, barely works and is very resource heavy for what it does. Probably the worse of the 2 choices.

Are there any other controllers that can do what I need? 5.25 and 3.5 are out of the question in my particular setup.