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SOLVED Fan Direction Suck/Blow?

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I have been looking for a definative answer on a question that concerns us all. Suck or Blow? Which is the best. All sex jokes aside, really, which is the better of the two
setups for CPU cooling. My setup is an ASUS
cusl2-c p3-700 oc'd to 933 with crucial 133 sdram and hercules geforce2Mx oc'd to 190/198
I have and aplha with the big delta fan and artic silver. I can care less about the noise. Should it blow down across the heatsink or suck air up and away. My temps look like this 33-31c idle and 41-43c underload "2hours Mechwarrior4" i call a load details maxed. Should i leave it as is or mess with it? Any comments or suggestions is cool.
Thats a good question, but I'm not sure you can get a clear answer on that one. Some have tried both, and liked one over another.

But maybe there is a reason to it, that all stock fans blow air onto the heatsink?

I have mine blowing, but if it turns out that it's better when sucking, I'll make it so.
on my current configuration i have my hs - fan setup to blow ... the power supply that i am using has a 'sucking' fan located on the side of it near my cpu ... so the exhaust from my cpu is sucked into my power supply (i know i know ... but the temp increase in my ps is minimal in comparsion to the drop in my cpu temp) and then exits the case via the ps .... i experienced a 7 degree drop when i set it up this way .... so my advice change it and see....

'do or do not there is no try' *yoda*
700 duron @ 947
don't you hate it when you read your post and it is unclear even to yourself!!! grrr ...... my fan is currently set up to suck air from the heatsink and blow it upwards .....
Well FWIW, I just reversed the direction on my TaiSol 742 to suck air away from the HS and it's made my temp go up by 1c..

Think I'll put it back the way it was.. doesn't seem like it matters in this case.

Hey thanks for all the replies. I think I will just leave it the hell alone for now. From what I can see my temps really are not that high at all. I have spent a ton of cash on all kinds of **** for this thing. Check this out. I have tried a peltier-fried one cpu along the way, a global winfop38, two alphas, and a golden orb, not counting the artic silver, two tubes, one copper shim. I must really have a problem because its just never good enough you know. Always want something better a couple of more mhz and a couple of a degrees cooler. I guess thats the curse of over clocking. See ya out there
I have a PEP66 on a slotket, and it runs cooler exhausting air from the heatsink. With the shrouds turned for my VP6 socket board they cool better with the fan blowing into the heatsink.
i've tried all the possible setups on my SECC2: both fans blow, both suck and even lower blow and upper suck (to get the hot air moving up) and they all showed the same results. so i left it at both suck just so they don't blow the hot air from the hs onto the north bridge and overheat it.