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Fan for PWM, NB, and SB

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Apr 26, 2008
I have the DFI LP LT P35 and want to put on additional fans for cooling the PWM, northbridge, and southbridge heatsinks. What size fans will fit on each heatsink? Bear in mind I have a noctua nh-u12p heatsink that is rite next to the northbridge. Also how exactly would I attach them to the heatsinks, mounting clips? Anyone know which ones to buy? Thanks!
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May 4, 2008
Little Rock, AR
I have a LP LT X48 and it appears to be very similar to yours. I replaced the SB HS with a EnzoTech SLF-1. My stock NB HS (DFI Heat Minator) is fine but you could replace yours with a Thermalright HR05 or similar. The Thermaltake Spirit II (CL-C0034) is very popular for NB cooling as well, I had one on my P5N32E board. We have the same PWM HS and i've yet to do anything about mine. I saw someone use a pair of 40 or 50mm fans on it and attatched them with some zipties through the back of the case. There is always the Transpiper option from DFI but that's $$. I think finding a fan only solution, for your bridges, would be difficult.