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Fan in the side of case??

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Jul 8, 2001
What's the best way to fit a 120mm fan or 2 in the side of yor case, or cool my case more. The system temp is as high as 28 degrees, justwhen I turn on the computer. Does not do the CPU temp any good. Can't fit a fan in the top.

Or any suggestions to try and cool the case more, without resorting to massive mods.
one blowing near the bottom and another directly over the cpu.
blowholes in the side of my machines have really helped my temps. i use a jigsaw with a metal blade to cut the holes out, and a normal drill to drill screw holes. works really well!

if you don't have space at the top, then how about sucking in at the front, and blowing out of the side, right in the back-top corner?