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Fan on MoBo

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Mar 5, 2001
Hi I was looking at the KT7-A Raid layout sheet and it shows an add-on fan right on the board. I have one on the way but didn't ask for the fan. Does it normally come with it or is that a extra purchase? If it is an extra purchase does anyone know the size and recommend which one I should get? Or even if I need it?
You mean on the chipset? i dont see one on the non raid, but there is one on the raid version, if it dosent come with one then you dont need it.
It comes on any ABIT board raid or not if it has the VIA 133a chipset.If you get the board with no fan there is a blue orb you buy that is a better fan for sure than the stock 1.

My KT7A came with the chip set fan I got it on thursday last week.And it is non Raid.If you plan to O/C the fsb I suggest you have a fan.
Yeah I saw the orb chipset fan at frys electonics I almost got it but I will when I get the board even if it has one thanks