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Fan or Water cooled?

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Jun 24, 2004
Basicly, my bro just built me a pwng computer. my new fan should be getting shipped today. But i was still wondering if i shouldve gotten it water cooled instead of fan.
Any suggestions?
P.S. i dont remember wat kind of fan it is. :-/


Mar 24, 2003
First of all.. What are you using this computer for? Do you plan on overclocking it? If these are question you have answers to then we can help you. Water cooling is usually a much better approach, but under no reason a necessary route if your not a heavy gamer/power user. It's alot more money, and there are allot of kits to choose from including the DIY kits. Beware when buying these kits as water cooling evolution has come a LONG way quickly and to buy a inferior design would be wasting your time and money. I will recommend www.dangerden.com they make good performance kits, along with many others. Give us some more info.. or read around the forums your bound to find the information in here already.


Jul 11, 2003
Next Door door to Hell
If done correctly, air cooling is good and cheap. You have to realize that no matter which way you go, your cooling is only as good as the ambient temps. Example : if you have an ambient temp of 30°C and you think you are getting to cool your cpu down to 30°C under load, it just ain't gonna happer no matter what you use.

For example : My computer has 3- 120mm fans in it. Yesterday with an ambient temp of 22°F, my cpu was 38°C and case was 30°C after 3 hours of playing Unreal 2k4